Let Me Help You Achieve Your Goals!

Whether you want to travel the world, earn additional income or simply live your life on your own terms, the choice is yours. 

SeneGence International®: A Marriage of Science and Beauty

The opportunity to become an independent SeneGence Distributor comes packaged with a variety of income earning options, so you can find the path that is right for you. We can help you plan for the future while building a successful business today, with income, bonuses, trainings, benefits, trips, car allowances and professional support every step of the way. The lifestyle you once dreamed of can now be a reality.

Le-Vel®​: Thrive at your Premium Level for a Premium Lifestyle!

This is how we THRIVE!

The LV Life is about living a Premium Lifestyle… One that is enjoyed by both Le-Vel Customers and Promoters alike.

The Le-Vel brand represents a culture of premium product lines, cool rewards, recognition, getaways, and exciting events.

A true ultra premium lifestyle is a blend of freedom, family, financial gain, and achieving a new level in life…

… The LV Life!

Create life changing moments and achieve big goals.